To Vend Central,


Hello, it's Stan Wharton from Munchies Vending and I wanted to just take a moment to say thank you to all of you for taking care of my vending supply order and “special needs” that I have from special pricing to making sure that my order gets in my shed, properly.


I love all of the special stuff that you carry, because people are really enjoying stuff that you normally don’t see in a vending machine. I’m writing this note to everyone there because I certainly appreciate you guys. Just wanted to let you know!


Many thanks!

Stan Wharton | Munchies Vending Co.

Hey gang.  I just have to say, it is a pleasure doing business with you all. The attentiveness and service that you guys provide me on a consistent basis is second to none and I just wanted to say THANK YOU and let you know that I appreciate the service. You all ROCK!


Have a great day!


Rob Baker – Owner/Operator | Preferred Snacks Vending

Dealing with Vend Central has been such a pleasure. I always get my order when promised and I never have to worry about out of stocks.


Vend Central is truly Baltimore's Best Vend Distributor. I get the best service and selection and they treat me like I'm just around the corner.


Whenever I'm out of stock I can always count on Vend Central having it. I just run over there and get it. I'm always treated great and I'm usually in and out in minutes.


I love placing my orders with Vend Central. From the phone call it takes to place my order, to the guy that delivers it. It's first class all the way. I can really count on them to deliver more than just products. Their service is what makes them so special.

Scott A. Meskin  Owner/Partner | Black Tie Services, LLP

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